Birchman, Buyers Only

A Real Estate Brokerage & Consulting Firm that represents "Home Buyers Only".  We are an "Exclusive Buyer Agency".  We offer Specialized Skills, Training & Experience, a Home Buying Process, & a "Scope of Services" unique to the Real Estate Brokerage Industry: 

  • 100% Buyer Representation, 100% of the time
  • A proven "Home Buying Process", with serious Due Diligence
  • 22 years representing "Buyers Only" in the Austin markets
  • A "True Agency" Fiduciary, unbiased Advice & Counsel
  • Specialized Skills & Training as the Home Buyer's Advocate
  • "Our Buyer Clients Make Informed Purchasing Decisions"

Dan Birchman, MBA CEBA 

The Buyer's Agent

About Dan

Our Services include: 

  • a well tested "Home Buying Process"
  • timely & efficient access to listings data
  • research & analysis of targeted properties
  • professional "Market Value" analysis
  • a thorough "Due Diligence Process" 
  • walk with Clients through properties, pointing out strengths & weaknesses
  • meet with Clients & Inspectors & review reports
  • Professional Opinions, Advice, & Counsel throughout the entire "Home Buying Process"

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