What is an Austin Exclusive Buyer Agent?

“Exclusive Buyer Agents are real estate professionals who work in real estate offices that always work for buyers only, never sellers.  Such offices never list homes for sale or represent sellers. These offices are referred to as Exclusive Buyer Agencies, Exclusive Buyer Brokers or Brokerages, and Exclusive Buyer Representation Companies.  The key factor is that no real estate licensees at such companies take listings or represent sellers.” - National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents

Birchman, Buyers Only is an Austin Exclusive Buyer Agent. Call for a no obligation chat. 
100% Buyer Representation, 100% of the Time 

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Advantages of working with Exclusive Buyer Agents:

  1. Exclusive Buyer Agency removes the Conflicts of Interests inherent in the traditional brokerage company business model and office environment.
  2. We always know who our Client is, and we are never confused about our Loyalties and Fiduciary Duties.
  3. We provide True Agency services with uncompromised Fiduciary Duties.
  4. Dual Agency and Intermediary Agency never happens with Birchman, Buyers Only.
  5. We offer specialized skills, experience, and training focused solely on the home buying process.
  6. Our specialized Scope of Services is uniquely designed and specific to the needs of the Home Buyer.

Our Specialized Skills, Training, and Experience as your Austin Buyer Agent:

  • We are uniquely trained and experienced as a Home Buyer's Advocate
  • Specialized foundation and skill with the Home Buying Process
  • Comprehensive orientation and understanding with a serious Home Buying Due Diligence Process
  • Professionally educated and acquired insight as Market Value Experts
  • New Home Construction development and expertise
  • Home Buyer Relocation background
  • Extensive discipline and mastery at Buyer side negotiation techniques and strategies

Fiduciary Duties we provide as YOUR Austin Home Buyer Agent

Confidentiality:  All information given to us by the Home Buyer Client is held in complete confidence. The Birchman, Buyers Only Home Buyer Agent represents only you in the transaction and confides only with you during the entire home buying process.

Full Disclosure:  We disclose all information pertinent to our Home Buyer Client's purchasing decision.

Protection:  We protect our Home Buyer Clients from foreseeable risks and harm by providing a well tested Home Buying Process, which includes a serious Due Diligence Process.

Competency:  We provide our Home Buyer Clients true geographical expertise, market value expertise, and negotiating expertise.

Accountability:  We are Real Estate Professionals and are accountable for those Client assets for which we are entrusted.

 Obedience:  Our Austin Home Buyer Agent will faithfully uphold and execute our Buyer Client's lawful instructions. 

Loyalty: ​ We put the Client's interests above those of the Agent and Agency.

Advice & Counsel:   We provide our Home Buyer Clients professional advice and counsel throughout the entire Home Buying Process and beyond.