We offer the Home Buyer our Scope of Services that are unique to the rest of the industry:

Home buyers and sellers have very different goals, needs, and risks. Ideally, both buyers and sellers will make informed, rational decisions that ultimately lead to smooth, drama-free, outcomes (transfer of ownership). The Brokers on both sides of these transactions are charged with the responsibility of achieving this "ideal". The Scope of Services relevant to the buyers and the sellers, required to achieve this "ideal", are also very different. Birchman, Buyers Only Scope of Services is uniquely designed to address the goals, needs, and risks most relevant to our Home Buyer Clients.

"100% Buyer Representation, 100% of the Time"
Dan Birchman, the Buyer's Agent
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My professional promise to you, the Home Buyer:

I, Dan Birchman, am a Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker. Texas Licensed Brokers and their Agents are required by law to provide Professional Services; and, must act as a Fiduciary to the Consumer of those professional services.

The Consumer of my brokerage services is identified as a Client - not a customer.  We are licensed professionals in Texas, (such as an Attorney, CPA, or Real Estate Broker) and are acting as an Agent for the Client. The company or business is therefore acting as an Agency.

In Texas, the Fiduciary Duties of a licensed Real Estate Broker (and their Agents) are the same as those expected of a Texas Licensed Attorney. These duties are identified and described by what is known as The Common Law of Agency.

A summary of these fiduciary duties as described by "The Common Law of Agency":
(1) Confidentiality
(2) Full Disclosure
(3) Accountability
(4) Protection from foreseeable risks and harm, aka., reasonable care and diligence
(5) Competency, as related to the Client's needs
(6) Loyalty and Obedience
(7) Advice and Counsel and
(8) Put the Client's interests above those of the Agent and Agency. 
A Real Estate Broker, Agent, or Agency that provides all the Fiduciary Duties prescribed under Common Law of Agency is practicing what is commonly known as "True Agency". Birchman, Buyers Only offers our Clients True Agency Professional Services. We are an Exclusive Buyer Agency, meaning we only represent Home Buyers.

Our Scope of Services is designed to be reflective of:
(A) Our "True Agency" Fiduciary Duties
(B) The Birchman Mission Statement - Our Home Buyer Clients Make Informed Purchasing Decisions
(C) The unique and special needs, wants, and constraints of our Home Buyer Clients.

Birchman, Buyers Only services include:

  • Providing True Agency fiduciary duties and services
  • Providing a well tested Home Buying Process with a serious Due Diligence Process
  • Specialized Skills and Training as the Buyer's Advocate
  • Professional analysis of Market Value and Marketability
  • Professional opinions, advice, and  counsel 
  • Providing contact data and personal references to professional Mortgage Lenders
  • Research, analysis, and counsel on choosing the best neighborhood for the Buyer's needs and wants
  • Timely and efficient access to property listings data
  • Timely and efficient access to targeted properties 
  • Personally walk with Buyers through targeted properties, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses
  • Research and analysis of targeted properties, confirming property history, facts, and characteristics
  • Provide comparable listings and sold data while counseling Buyer on Market Values prior to making offers
  • Provide Seller's Disclosure data for targeted properties with follow-up of analysis and counsel
  • Negotiate the best Price and Terms for the Buyer
  • Providing opinions, advice, and counsel on negotiation strategies, offering price, and offer terms 
  • Prepare written offers, presenting offers to the Seller in a professional manner designed to maximize the Buyer's interests, and thereby creating a successful outcome
  • Provide contact data and personal references for Professional Inspectors and other Contractors
  • Personally meet with Inspectors and the Buyer
  • Review Inspection reports with the Buyer
  • Provide support, advice, and counsel through the closing event and beyond